An end-to-end property management service you can depend on.

You can be assured our Property Management team is astute and well versed in local and industry knowledge. We manage properties of significant quality on the Mornington Peninsula and they range between simple apartments, longer term unfurnished properties and luxury residences. By industry standards, each McEwing & Partner’s property manager only controls a small number of properties. Of course, this is a deliberate policy and ensures we are well placed to better protect your asset.

Leasing Your Property

The sole focus of our highly trained and experienced property managers is to assist with sourcing prospective tenants and the management of our prospective tenant database. We continue to network with past and current clients to secure a quality tenant for your property in a timely manner. In many cases, we can lease your property off-market.

Managing Your Investment

One of the most rewarding aspects of managing property is watching each property achieve maximum returns and grow in capital value. Our in-depth knowledge of the local market and the global trends impacting market conditions ensures your property is leased at optimum rent levels and regularly reviewed.

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