Change Property Managers Today to Experience the McEwing & Partners Way

McEwing & Partners Property Managers are rental provider advocates, in every respect. Our mission is to provide you, our property owners, with complete peace of mind. 

We’re different to other property managers. We manager smaller portfolios so that our time is freed up to respond to you, your renter and the market in real time. Now, more than ever before, we are certain that this is the best approach.
We have a 10-point tenancy checklist, for example, that helps ensure we place the right renter in your property, with a maximum bond policy.
Our property managers have an average tenure of 6 years, so you will not experience a revolving door of managers. 
Changing from your current agent can happen quickly, at no cost to you, even if there is a current rental agreement in place. In fact, the process if easier when there is a rental agreement in place, so don’t wait until its conclusion to change agents.
Now is the perfect time to start a long and seamless partnership with the McEwing & Partners Property Management Team, and we’ll start by making the transition completely effortless for you.